BUS 430 Strayer Test Bank

BUS 430 Strayer Test Bank
All Chapters with answers.
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All Chapters with answers.
http://www.xondow.com/BUS-430-Strayer-Test-Bank-BUS430TB.htmBUS 430 Strayer Test BankChapter 1—Goods, Services, and Operations Management
Chapter 2—Value Chains
Chapter 3—Measuring Performance in Operations
Chapter 4—Operations Strategy
Chapter 5—Technology and Operations Management
Chapter 6—Goods and Service Design
Chapter 7—Process Selection, Design, and Analysis
Chapter 8—Facility and Work Design
Chapter 9—Supply Chain Design
Chapter 10—Capacity Management
Chapter 11—Forecasting and Demand Planning
Chapter 12—Managing Inventories
Chapter 13—Resource Management
Chapter 14—Operations Scheduling and Sequencing
Chapter 15—Quality Management
Chapter 16—Quality Control and SPC
Chapter 17—Lean Operating Systems
Chapter 18—Project Management
All Chapters with answers.
http://www.xondow.com/BUS-430-Strayer-Test-Bank-BUS430TB.htmChapter 1—Goods, Services, and Operations ManagementTRUE/FALSE 1. Operations management is focused primarily on the application of technology in manufacturing. 2. To apply the principles of operations management, managers need to understand people, processes, and technology. 3. Every job entails some aspect of operations management. 4. Employees who work in financial and accounting functions of organizations need…

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