BUS 365 Strayer Test Bank

BUS 365 Strayer Test BankAll chapters included with answers.
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Purchase here: http://xondow.com/BUS-365-Strayer-Test-Bank-BUS365TB.htmBUS 365 Strayer Test BankChapter 1: Information Systems in the 2010s
Chapter 2: IT Infrastructure and Support Systems
Chapter 3: Data, Text, and Document Management
Chapter 4: Network Management and Mobility
Chapter 5: IT Security, Crime, Compliance, and Continuity
Chapter 6: E-Business and E-Commerce
Chapter 7: Mobile Computing and Commerce
Chapter 8: Web 2.0 and Social Media
Chapter 9: Operational Planning and Control Systems
Chapter 10: Enterprise Information Systems
Chapter 11: Business Intelligence and Decision Support
Chapter 12: IT Strategic Planning
Chapter 13: Business Process Management and Systems DevelopmentChapter 14: Global Ecology, Ethics, and Social ResponsibilityAll chapters included with solutions.
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Chapter 1: Information Systems in the 2010s
Multiple Choice1. The importance of being an agile enterprise has increased significantly because of _________ and _________.
a) competition; slowed population growth
b) social networks; rapid economic recovery
c) slow economic recovery; advances in mobile technology
d) rapid population growth; corporate…

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